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Difference B/W Google Analytic and Webmaster Tools

There are major difference between Google Analytic and Webmaster, which is generally asked by interviewer when you go for an interview. Both have different task and having few similarity.  “What’s the difference between Google Analytic and Google Webmaster Tools?” As a business owner you may not be 100% clear on the differences between the two and how they both benefit your business. As a result, you’re losing out on a ton of great information you can leverage to get more traffic and make more sales from your website. Google AnalyticGoogle Analytic gives you the following information: 1. Web-traffic: The amount of people visiting your site on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. You can also compare your traffic stats to previous years. 2. Visitors: ·The amount of website visitors that are new vs. returning. ·The length of time your visitors spend on your site. ·The amount of pages your visitors view. ·The amount of visitors who landed on your site and left immediately. ·What Geographic location…

Interview Questions and Answers for Webmasters and SEO

Here I’d like to share with you all a general job description and webmaster related questions as well. Please have a look on it and take the advantage. General Job Description for Webmasters 
Webmasters are responsible for website implementation, search engine optimization and the website content. They ensure the integrity and quality of websites on a daily basis. Webmasters work for companies and individuals, and need to combine a variety of internet skills. They ensure that the site is easily navigable, efficiently designed, and addresses customer needs at all times. Webmasters optimize website performance in relation to the various specific industries to which it belongs. Question:What websites have you mastered? Tell me about your experience in website implementation and maintenance.
Answer: Be specific. Mention websites you were responsible for, and web projects and their duration. Describe yourself participating in website development from a particular stage or doing maintenance wo…