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Most Important PPC (Pay Per Click) Interview Questions

Here I am sharing Google Adwords Interview Question Answers for all students who are preparing for Google Adwords exam or want to clear Google Adwords interview all test question and answers related to Google Adwords 2015.

Q1: What is the payment model for a YouTube homepage masthead advertisement?
Ans: These are sold on a fixed cost per day model.

Q2: How can you optimize your CPC-based campaign?
Ans: Focus on a high CTR, ad rank, and Quality Score.

Q3: What will Frequency Capping do?
Ans: It will limit the number of times an ad appears to the same unique user on the Display Network.

Q4: True or False: You can set individual bids for sites you select for Managed Placements advertisements.
Ans: True

Q5: Can you use Frequency Capping on the Search Network?
Ans: No, this feature is available only for ads on the Display Network.

Q6: Can you track the Mouseover Rate on ads built with the Display Ad Builder?
Ans: Yes

Q7: True or False: Topic Targeting is likely to ensure ads are contextually relevant to the sites they appear on.
Ans: True

Q8: Will all of your performance metrics be lost if you edit an ad with an ad extension, if you are using Enhanced Campaigns?
Ans: No.

Q9: True or False: Using a color scheme that complements the image and branding on your site is recommended when using the Display Ad Builder.
Ans: True.

Q10: Where are ads using images and videos shown?
Ans: They would only be shown on the Google Display Network.

Q11: For direct response marketing, which is the ideal bidding model?
Ans: Cost per click

Q12: True or False: YouTube homepage ads are available through AdWords.
Ans: False

Q13: True or False: YouTube watch page ads are available through AdWords.
Ans: True

Q14: True or False: YouTube search page ads are available through AdWords.
Ans: True

Q15: Why should you include a text ad in your Display Network campaign, even if you want to focus on image/video?
Ans: Not all publishers accept image/video ads, so having a text ad will ensure maximum coverage.

Q16: True or False, you can use a strobe background in your Display Network ads.
Ans: False, this will get your ad disapproved.

Q17: Which bidding model allows advertisers to pay by the conversion?
Ans: Cost per acquisition (CPA)

Q18: What is the best bidding model to increase reach and visibility?
Ans: Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)

Q19: What type of bidding model do reservation ads use?
Ans: They are a fixed price, so no bidding is used.

Q20: True or False: You can use Pop-Up ads on the Google Display Network.
Ans: False

Q21: True or False: You can use Print Ads through a
Brand Monitoring.
Ans: False

Q22: What is one reason to consider different messages in your video ads than in your text/search ads?
Ans: Video search behavior is different than search behavior on a traditional search engine like Google.

Q23: True or False: You can utilize pre-existing design templates with the Google Display Ad Builder tool.
Ans: True

Q24: Should you use a Call to Action in the opening image of a click-to-play video?
Ans: Yes, this is considered a best practice for this type of advertisement.

Q25: When would you pay for a TrueView in-search advertisement?
Ans: Only if a viewer chooses to watch the video.

Q26: What aspect of an ad would help set expectations for users in different stages of the buying cycle?
Ans: A clear Call to Action in the text portion of a text, video, or image advertisement.

Q27: True or False: You can incorporate an error message or warning box in your image ad.
Ans: False, this will get your ad disapproved.


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