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Google AdSence Training Modules

Google AdSense Program
Google AdSense Training Syllabus

1) Google AdSense Basics.

2) Click Through Rate (CTR).

3) ePCM

4) High Paying Keywords.

5) AdSense Setup & Placement.

6) Income Tips

7) AdSense Reports.

Get Started-------------------------------------

Interested in AdSense
Sign-up & Approvals
Getting started with interface
AdSense Academy
What's new in AdSense?

Account Management------------------------------

Account Setting
Address (PIN) verification
User Mgt
Site Mgt
Managing Website
Privacy & Security

Manage Ads--------------------------------------

Manage Ads FAQ
How Ad Works
Ad code implementation
Customize your Ads
Allow and block ads
Products & partnership


Payment FAq
Payment Process
Payment thresholds
Form of payment
Payment details & Verifications
Tax information

Optimization Tips---------------------------------

AdSense optimization overview
Multi-screen guideline
User experience guideline
Optimization Tips
Success Stories


AdSense Policy Faq
Program Policies
Content Policies
Ad implementation Policies
Ads or account disabled
Clicks & Impression
Report or appeal a violation Policy refresher


Reporting Faq
Home page reports: Understand your earnings
Performance reports
Reporting currencies
Google Publishers Toolbar
Using Google Analytics with AdSense
Glossary of reports term

Troubleshoot and resolve common issues----------------

Report or appeal a policy violation
Troubleshooting disapproved applications
Login issues
Collecting a final payment
Troubleshooting application issues


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