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Java Script Technical Interview Questions

Technical Questionnaire **Answer the following questions in one line***

1.Define JavaScript? What is the purpose of using JavaScript?
Answer: JavaScript is an interpreted programming or script language from Netscape.JavaScript is one of the light weights, most simple, versatile and effective languages used to extend functionality in websites.
2.What is the difference between JavaScript and Java? Answer: Java is an OOP programming language while Java Script is an OOP scripting language.
3.Difference b/w HTML4 and HTML5 and its features. Answer: The syntax in HTML5 is extremely clear and simple as compared to HTML4. One example of this is the DOCTYPE element. In HTML4 the DOCTYPE declaration was too messy and lengthy and used to refer an external source.
4.What is a Form? When you need a form in an HTML page? Answer: The <form> tag is used to create an HTML form for user input. When we creating form element like <input>, <textarea>, <button>, <select> and many more.